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Patient Testimonials

Here is what patients are saying…

Dear Dr. Gowey,
Thank you for your magical dental work and for everything you have done for me. It really did put a smile on my face. I’m very grateful to you.

 – A. Vasenka

Dear Dr. Gowey,
I can’t thank you enough for giving me a smile that makes me so happy every time I see it. My teeth really look fantastic- you are awesome! I really appreciate the time, care, and painstaking effort you spent making my teeth perfect. Thank you again.

 – A. Wilson

Dr. Gowey has always taken care of my smile. Stayed late to get my tooth in order that has been bothering me for 10 years. (Cosmetic work) I highly recommend him for quality work in a professional, comfortable atmosphere.

– Travis N.

Dr. Gowey and staff provide excellent dental care.  My family has been going to Dr. Gowey for the last 4 years or so and have received all top notch customer service.  Recently I noticed my son had two teeth that needed to be checked.  Dr. Gowey immediately got him in to check and it turned out he need to pull his top 2 baby teeth.  He was very gentle and wonderful with my son and provided the details around exactly what he was going to do to make him feel comfortable.  I also had a dental emergency not too long ago where Dr. Gowey got me in immediately and fixed the issue.  The hygienist, assistant, and office manager are also experienced and very customer friendly.  I would highly recommend Dr. Gowey and staff.

 – Harry S.

I really like Dr Gowey and his staff. They are accommodating with scheduling always friendly and the office is always clean. My husband and I have been seeing him for about a year and neither of us have any complaints. I have had a lot of dental work in the past so I was extremely hesitant to go into see him after trying three or four other dentists in Pleasanton. He made me feel very relaxed and not rushed. He has state of the art computers that show you exactly what he is looking at the same time so you don’t feel like he is adding additional unnecessary work.

 – Rachel S.

Dear Dr. Gowey,
I am so glad I came to you. It’s wonderful to no longer feel self-conscious about my teeth- it’s truly made a difference in my life. You were always considerate in letting me know what to expect and how long procedures would take- it made getting a lot of dental work much easier. Given my family history and delay in seeking treatment, I am most grateful for your skill and modern dentistry. Thank Young Kim for the gentle cleaning and Deborah for her kindness and efficiency. Happy New Year.
– S. Brown
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Cosmetic Dentistry

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